Granados | Davey | Alwine LLP, is your trusted resource for estate planning that takes every possibility into account while planning for the future. We start with a consultation that enumerates a client’s assets and expectations for their distribution and future ownership with succession in mind.

Estate planning can be used to avoid the probate process since it is normally lengthy, costly and public. The following estate planning strategies allow property to avoid probate:

  • Property held as joint tenants with a right of survivorship, or as tenant by the entirety
  • Life insurance or bank accounts listing a beneficiary on the account
  • Trusts

While conducting estate planning, the experts at Granados | Davey | Alwine LLP, can draft wills and trusts that will fit the client’s specific wishes for their legacy. It is our mission to promote a client’s confidence in their future at every opportunity, and we are accomplished in bringing certainty to all applications of estate planning.

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